Bridal make up tips

Every girl wishes to look at her best on her marriage day. Be it in a Hindu, Christian, Muslim religious sect or be it in any of Indian and Tamil speaking communities. The bridal make up is one of the integral sessions that a bride has to undergo before holding the hands of the groom. A few simple beauty tips will help you sport a ravishing look on the special day like using the right combination of makeup & hairstyle that complement your skin tone, skin type and hair type. Take a look at the following do’s and don’ts to enhance your appearance on “the day” of your life. In the age of online matrimony where there are umpteen websites and online marriage portals which offer both free and paid marriage assembly service that make bride and groom search as simplest as it can get. It is also easy and sure to follow the best and simplest tips to look great on the marriage day.



Bronzing powder as it warms up and prepares skin for applying makeup. But make sure the skin is free from perspiration.
Color to the exposed part of skin including forehead, nose, neck and its back. Evenly applying the dusting power in the areas apart from face will give you the best a uniform skin tone all over the body.
The traditional talc-based powder foundation before starting off with the makeup procedure and dusting of loose power will tone down the over shining areas.
Golden-toned bases and concealers as they will aid for the best photogenic skin tone while on taking photographs and video.
Muted color tones give less contrast with the dress color and put your natural radiance on display free from the washed out and over toned look.
Brow powder in deeper shade contrasting with the actual eyebrow hair color to make your brows look great with well defined edges.


Waxing, threading, facials on the marriage day, as it will impact the skin very badly. It is advisable to go for the preparatory phase a week before the wedding day.
Trying out something “vogue” as there are umpteen chances of looking “Vague” on the special day.
Free dabbing of concealers and correctors on the under eye circles. Because, if the concealer is in a very lighter tone, chances are, the sleep circles will be very vibrant on the photos. So beware of over correcting the under eye circle.

After touch-ups, as it may oxidize and darken the face, which can result in a “dirty” look as the day goes on.
Being over fascinated towards shimmer highlights or light-refractive makeup. Because, it may create quite an adverse effect in the photos with your face shown over exposed with the reflective shine.
Over free application of powder as it can leave your skin looking chalky and lifeless in your wedding photos.
Heavy pencils or darker shadows to create fine line to eyebrows as it will make you look dull instead of dazzling.

And Finally:

Just because your every blush, smile and kiss will be recorded on film or be captured in a still photograph, it is indispensible your bridal makeup needs to be the best, free from over toning and look flawless all through your big day. In this period of online tamil matrimony there are scores of websites that give beauty tips for both bride and groom. And many matrimony portals too are giving away grooming tips for bride. Nevertheless we hope the above given tips will be useful while you are preparing yourself for the big day of your life.