Best Tips For Your Wedding Hairstyle

download-48Nothing can fail in such a special day … And unless your hair! But be all very clear and well organized to avoid any error. We offer you the 10 essential keys to your hairstyle is not a problem the day of your wedding.

1. Choose a trusted hairdresser. Some brides choose to do so very daring themselves, or resort to a friend a little business, to the subject of hair. If you prefer to be brushed and combed at most a couple of months before the wedding, pick a hairdressing salon or trust. It is essential that you do ahead of time if you do not like your choices and you have to look elsewhere.

2. Talk to the hairdresser. Teach a good picture of your Wedding Dressand, between them, choose different styling options. Not only must take into account the costume, but your personal taste and your own features. Maintain good communication with him to make it perfectly clear what you want, plus you should stop by the professional advice.

3. Put a date for the test. It is very important to have a hair test to see how it will look exactly. Know you the charge, but worth it because many times the hairstyles change according to who look far. It is a good time between one month and a half months before D-Day

4. Not radical changes. Leave makeover for another time, but not for your wedding. No dyes or radical cuts a few weeks to get married, or is it that you want to do in disguise?

5. The day of the test … Do not panic if after two hours making it a complex collected, I go out early. It is normal, or do you want people to see it early? Reservatelo until the day of the wedding.

6. If you’re going to wear a veil. I’ll have to make at home just before leaving, as in the salon usually placed ornaments, but not as big a piece. The veil should not be placed until you are fully clothed.

7. Calculate your timing. If you decide to do your hair in a salon, estimated to take about two hours just combing. If, however, prefer to hire someone to do it at home, it usually takes much less, about an hour. What do you prefer?

8. You have the last word. It is essential that you advise, but you who has the final say when choosing your hairstyle. If you like, you worth more to follow instead of trying to stay looks disappointed with the first one you find.

9. Depending on the neckline of your dress … will choose the hairstyle. If neck is high, you should bring in a bun, if it is strapless, it depends on your face either up or down are good, if the neckline is very broad, the hair should be very easy to not cause an effect ‘ ordinary ‘.

10. Depending on the time at which place the link … You can also choose how to wear their hair. If it is after 5 pm, we recommend a pickup. If by 4, you can wear it loose.