Finding Some Ideal Wedding Gifts

If you are invited to a wedding and do not know what to buy as a wedding gift yet, then you may experience serious difficulties. Especially the couple celebrating their anniversary, so there is a chance she does all the things necessary to have a family and you’re stuck a little when it comes to gifts with birthday gifts to do.

There are ways out of such matters. If you want to maybe go for something safe, then choose a wedding gift basket or a gift basket for a wedding or anniversary that would do differently that would bring the other guests. Please do not buy anything that is impermanent now disabled as fresh fruit.

Birthdays are remembered for the couple of day is important. Thus, the ideal birthday gifts should be cut out of paper. But these days, the concept is kind of outdated, so you can use any type of gift as the first clock Birthday present.

Similarly, the fourth anniversary celebrated usually with fruit and flowers. But if you opt for such a birthday, the couple can use for their life, then plan to gift them a kind of device. Whether in the kitchen or other household appliances, the couple would be able to use. These devices can for some great birthday presents and wedding gifts to make, since it almost as a gift and can be used by the couple.

Normally people do not go to birthday gifts, on the anniversary comes as a great opportunity. And if you are a guest in such a big birthday bash, it is important that you take with you one of a kind, thoughtful and nice birthday gift to you.

The main idea behind wedding gifts and birthday gifts are something to look for the good of the workload for the pair. There must be something to appreciate both the person together. For this reason, some ideal wedding gifts or birthday gifts are the cups of coffee or the dual basis. Personalize with one touch, you can add a photo of the couple under the table and go for setting the cup of coffee.

Ways to Make a Wedding Guest List

Every little girl wants her perfect wedding with all her loved ones smiling at her as she walks down the aisle. But the bitter truth is that every face is going to not only cost her a lot of money, but it’s also going to determine whether her day goes as she wanted it or not. So, the best idea is to make a guest list well in advance, so that people who absolutely must be there make sure that they’re available and you can easily overlook some unimportant ones. This Buzzle article will give you some very easy tips to draft a reasonable guest list for your dream wedding!

Picture the Wedding
The first step towards the perfect guest list is to think for the final time, what kind of wedding you want. Sure as a little girl you may have wanted the entire world to be present on your special day. But by now, you’ve surely figured out how many people you actually want, for whatever reasons. Is it a small and intimate family affair you want or do you want even far off relatives to be invited? When you have a clear picture of what you want in your mind, the planning for the guest list becomes much easier.

Rough Draft
Once you have a rough idea of the size of the wedding, you can prepare a rough draft of all the people you think absolutely must attend the wedding. You’ll have a really long list at first, so don’t get worried. Keep in mind that the list is going to be cut short for sure. You can either categorize the invitees into sections like family, friends, colleagues, business associates, doubtful attendees, etc. and make a combined list with your fiancé or you can make separate lists and then cut it short according to the guidelines given below.

Check the Budget
Once you have a rough list ready, find out if the number of people fits the budget that you have decided. If your parents are paying for the reception, then ask them if the number fits their budget. If it’s you and your fiancé, then you can get a good idea of how many people you need to remove from the list. Be firm on your budget. Don’t get emotionally influenced and decide to go overboard by inviting everyone you know. You’ll repent for sure, if not in the near future, in the distant one.

Cut Short
Alright, after you have matched the tentative guest list with the budget that you have set, you realize that the list overshoots the budget by leaps and bounds. The only way to get a somewhat acceptable figure that matches the budget, is to cut the list short (didn’t we tell you it was going to happen!). For this, you and your fiancé need to sit down and go through the possibly heart wrenching ordeal of eliminating people from the list. Given below are some people you can safely refrain from inviting.

  • Classmates you haven’t spoken to in years.
  • Colleagues who you don’t interact with outside of work.
  • People who tend to drink a lot (unless its family). They could make the party really expensive for you.
  • The ‘and guest’ for your single friends. Ask your single friends to come alone. It will not only reduce the cost, but will also give them a chance to meet other single people.
  • Ex-es you’re not comfortable around. This has to be discussed rather seriously with each other. If either isn’t comfortable with the ex, then simply chuck him or her out of the list to avoid any complications.
  • Literally distant relatives, who you haven’t interacted with for long. They most probably won’t travel the distance, so what’s the point?
  • A relative or friend that one of you has a strained relationship with. It will help to curtail expenses and more importantly, reduce any tension that could conspire.
  • Children, though adorable, can sometimes wreak complete havoc at weddings. Inviting children who aren’t family, is something that the two of you can discuss and decide accordingly.
  • Also, cut out people that you’re inviting just because he or she invited you to their wedding, especially if you’re not close to them.

The basic steps to make a wedding guest list are that simple! It’s mostly common sense and the rest is just the discretion of the lucky couple. It’s really quite simple: be firm on your decisions, don’t overlook important people and have a great wedding!

Finding Cheap Wedding Invitation Ideas for You

Planning a wedding on a budget might seem challenging what with the cost of wedding trousseau, decorations and venue. But with a bit of careful planning and thinking out of the box, you can have a beautiful wedding on a budget. A wedding invitation is the first thing that the guests notice, when they are notified about the upcoming nuptials. Just because you are on a budget does not mean that you need to compromise on the design and quality of your wedding invitations. Even on a budget, you can have elegant and unique wedding invitations. There are many ways in which you can bring down the cost of printing wedding invitations. From hiring artistic friends to do the calligraphy on the invites to downloading designs for invitation from the internet, there are many options that you can consider.

Affordable Wedding Invitation Ideas

Purchase Online
One of the best ways to save on wedding invitation is to search online for some great deals. There are many online wedding stationery sites that has a huge collection of beautiful invitations to choose from. They are usually cheaper than traditional wedding invitation cards and you can avail huge discounts when you order in bulk. The best thing about selecting a wedding invitation from such online sites is that you get a huge selection to choose from and you can even customize them by changing the font or the color of the design and motif. If you are skeptical about ordering wedding invitations online without looking at the actual invites, then you can ask them to ship you a free sample of a few designs that you liked. This will help you to decide whether you like the design, motif and quality of paper of the invites. Most online stores oblige by sending free samples of wedding stationery and you can take full advantage of this.

DIY Invitations
Of course one of the best ideas is to design and print the invitations yourselves. If you have a small guest list and are artistically inclined, you can hand paint your wedding invites to have personalized wedding invitation cards. However if you are not the creatively skilled or simply don’t have the time, then you can download some free wedding invitation designs from the internet and print them in your printer. Choose a good stationery for printing all such invitation cards. You can go to a wholesale stationery shop and purchase handmade paper or any fancy paper for printing your wedding invitations. You can choose from pretty and simple floral designs to more elaborate motifs. If you are having a casual wedding or a beach wedding, then have a motif in the wedding invitation that echoes this. For a beach wedding, a starfish motif or seashell motif is simply stunning. For more formal weddings, stick to a black and white geometric motif. If your wedding invitations are on the simpler side, then jazz it up by lining the envelopes of the invites with beautiful colored handmade paper. This idea does not cost a lot and you get elegant invitations as well.

If your heart is set on having beautiful calligraphy to address the invitation, then be warned that it is going to cost a bomb. Does that mean that you should abandon the idea of calligraphic invites. Well you can still have beautiful wedding invitations worded in calligraphy without going over budget. One of the best ideas is to enlist the help of friends who know calligraphy to write your invites. This will help you to get beautifully addressed invites without spending a lot.

These were some ideas that you can use to cut down the cost in wedding stationery. Use embellishments like sequins and organza ribbons to give the wedding invitations a classy and expensive look. If you plan from the beginning, then you can have beautiful wedding invitations at a very low cost.

Ways to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations whether handmade or ready-made should be warm, simple, and welcoming. Making your own invitation costs less, look great, and most of all, they are completely original! Here are all the things you need to consider while making you own wedding invitations. First of all you need to have a clear picture of how you want them to be- simple cards, accessorized cards, or out-of-the-box invitations.

Well the wedding card layout includes the entire design of the card. Remember that you need to have a very specific vision before you get started on making the cards. You want to be sure about the color, the shape, the envelopes, and most importantly the content of the card. Make sure you sit and finalize every single element of the card in order to avoid any arguments after the cards are ready. Remember that only when you have finalized all the details of the cards, including the number of the cards and the guest list, can you start the process of making them.

Choosing the Right Paper
If you want to make simple cards, you need to get started with the colors and the paper texture that you will need. Make sure you get a paper that is firm enough and yet not as thick as a cardboard. You can even opt for handmade, fragrant papers that make the invitation extra special. You should always use a sharp paper cutter, and cut the paper in bunches in order to maintain uniformity to the invitations. Buy sheets of paper, which are suitable for writing with respect to the texture as well as the color of the paper.

Card Shapes and Envelopes
Wedding cards can be of any shape that you want. Although traditionally used shapes like rectangle and square might seem conventional and elegant, there are always couples that want to bring in an element of innovation into their wedding cards. If you want to add a bit of novelty to your cards, try those that are shaped like the wedding cake, the bride and groom silhouette, or even wedding bells. Try to make the envelopes a bit innovative as well.

The invitation needs to have a crisp and precise content. First and most importantly, it should clearly mention the details of the wedding ceremony, like the wedding date, venue, and the timing. In addition to this, you might also want to add directions to the venue in the form of a small map. An extra card for the guests to respond back and confirm their presence (RSVP) should also be included. Once you have mentioned these details you can add a small poem verse or a wedding quote to make the message special. However, make sure that you don’t try to stuff too much content into a small space so that the invitation doesn’t seem cluttered.

Printed Text or Calligraphy
As for the writing part of the invitations, you can use conventional screen-printing techniques or use the good old computer for printing out the content. Printing is a preferred option because it brings uniformity to the font, and hence makes the invitation look elegant. However, if you or any of your family members/friends are well versed with the art of calligraphy, you can always get the messages hand-written in a beautiful calligraphic script!

Card Decorations
Once all these things are in place, it is time to show some creativity and add a sprinkling of decorations to the card. Accessorize your card with some glitter, artificial flowers, miniature wedding bells, satin laces, and pretty bows. Make sure that the decorations suit the color of the card. Also make sure that you don’t get carried away with the decorations so much that the decorations overshadow the content of the invitation. Keep it simple and elegant!
Some Design Templates

If you find that you want an easier way out, then there are a large number of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding invitation kits, which will help you with the process. No matter what you do, remember that weddings are matters of the heart, and hence send out every invitation with a genuine and warm feeling. Invite loved ones to be a part of this beautiful day to make it truly memorable and special!
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