Ways to Make Wedding Bows

Wedding is a time when you want everything to be perfect and well-organized. You take a lot of time for wedding planning and organize everything personally. This is also the time when you can save money on certain things and spend lavishly on some. You can save money by making your own wedding bows.

How to Make Wedding Bows Yourself
When making wedding bows, choose colors and patterns that match your wedding theme and colors. To make wedding bows, you will need the following material.

  • 9″ wide organza roll
  • Thin floral wire paddle
  • Scissors
  • Pew Clips

Instructions To Make Wedding Bows for the Pew

  • Take organza ribbon of about three and a half inches long for making pew bows. This length will determine the size of your wedding bow. Take smaller or larger length of ribbon depending on the size you want.
  • Make a large loop in the center of the ribbon. Take the middle of the other side of the organza ribbon and loop it around the first loop. Insert the organza through the loop just created. Use your fingers to make the first loop to pull it through the loop.
  • Using your fingers adjust the size and shape of the wedding bow by pulling at the tail ends of the organza.
  • Take a second ribbon of the same length as the first ribbon and wrap it around the front of the wedding bow. The second piece should be tied in the back. This will give an extra length and add to the flowing tail of the wedding bow. Use a transparent pew clip and secure it using a piece of floral wire. This will help you attach the wedding pew bows quickly on the day of your wedding

Instructions to Make Wedding Floral Bow

  • Make a loop in the ribbon of 3½” length and continue to make loops to increase the size of the loops till the bow is full and there is enough ribbon length to make the other tail.
  • Use a floral wire and secure the center of the bow. Use your fingers to fan out the loops. The tail ends should be cut at an angle to complete the look of the bow.

Instructions to Make Multilayer Wedding Bow

  • Follow the instructions of the floral bow and make two or more bows each slightly smaller than the other.
  • Place the smaller bow over the larger bow. Make a wreath bow that is smaller than the small floral wedding bow. Place it over the smaller bow and connect the three bows using a floral wire. Your multilayer wedding bow is ready.

There are many other types of wedding tying decorative bows that you can make yourself. When you make wedding bows yourself, it becomes a fun activity that you can share with your friends or even your partner. The wedding becomes even more special and memorable if such minor details are carried out by yourself. You can add something extra to the normal wedding traditions with your creative ideas. You can surf the Internet for more ideas on how to make wedding bows. Try some unique wedding decoration ideas and give your creativity a new high!

Finding Cool Wedding Gift Collections Online

Gifts are the most sentimental part of every event, although it has become so fashionable today. Gift is not just about giving a product or item to someone celebrating an event, but it is very much associated with the personal emotions of the receiver and prestigious and caring signs of the giver. Attending a party or event without giving a gift is very much a shy note for all guests and whether big or small, valuable or simple, the custom of giving a gift is very renowned.

If you just have the real mood of gifting someone, common, there are so many collections available for you to pick from. There are several exclusive websites that offers you so many choices to gaze at and pick from. You can carry your love, support and concern for your special ones through the best gift you give their way. Gifts are the main part of joy in any wedding event and there will be a big group of people waiting with the couple to open the gifts and get excited, one after the other. The choice of gift is not just about how much you can spend on it, but it is very much associated with the values of the relationship between the giver and the receiver. The wedding couple will always have a big excitement to the bundles and bundles of gifts that has come to greet them on their most special eve of life.

Now that, the trend of gifting has been modified a lot and people are taking various efforts to give the best ever gift. Initially, gift was more a custom to be followed in practice which made people to go for default choices such as wall clocks, time pieces, night lamps and photo frames. Now, it is totally novel, totally different. People are showing good interest towards gifting valuable and practically essential products, which is a definite sign to welcome. The trend of online shopping for wedding gift collections is one of the main reasons that has made this constructive change possible. Wedding gifts are always special, but not all gifts we get on the day are so. So, if you want to make a sensible gift choice for your dear ones and want to make them feel cherished with what you give, all you need to do is to visit the online gift shops and pick from the extraordinary collections available.

Bedding collections is one of the most popular and super cool wedding collections that you can give your friends or cousins. It is one of the key essentials for both the bride and the groom and you can have the satisfaction of gifting something that what the couple will love to use it all through their life. Picking some beautiful products from the home essentials category could also be a great choice, and it does not mean that gifts should only be expensive. Gifts must be from your heart and should be close to the receivers’ heart. The choice of item and the budget is always the secondary considerations, when it comes to wedding gifts.


Ways to Decorate a Hall for a Wedding

You must have been planning for this day for months now and finally, that day is not far away. However, before you can even think of setting foot in the reception hall, there are tons of things you need to manage. Here are a few suggestions on decorating a reception hall in style.

Selecting the Venue

First and foremost, have you finalized the venue for your wedding reception? This can be determined by the number of guests attending the party. When you have the final head count, you can select the hall as per its capacity. Make sure that you don’t take a huge hall for few people. For example, if there are 200 people attending, then don’t reserve a hall that has the capacity of 500. This will only mean that you have more area to decorate which quite frankly, is going to waste.

The Entrance of the Hall

For decorating the venue, let’s begin with the entrance. You can decorate the entrance with flowers and lace, place statues, have ice sculptures, etc.; your budget will help you decide how lavish or frugal you wish to be. At the entrance, you will need to keep a table where the guest book will be. Alongside, the names of the guests on the cards will be written so they can find their respective tables. You can also decorate the table with the same tablecloth used inside for all the tables and some flower petals.

Flower of the Season

electing the theme for your wedding reception is very important. And by theme I mean the color combination you want to use in the hall. These colors (or color) will be used for decorating the tables and chairs. Also, the flowers you select can also be included in here.
Spring – Casa Blanca Lily, Lilacs, Peony, Daffodil, Tulip, Star Gazer Lily, Sweet Pea, Waxflower, etc.
Summer – English Lavender, Iris, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Freesia, Queen Anne’s Lace, Zinnia, etc.
Fall – Aster, Dahlia, Marigold, Statice, and Zinnia
Winter – Daffodil, Casa Blanca Lily, Daffodil, Camellias, Jasmine, Poinsettia, Star Gaze Lily, Tulip, Sweet Pea, Waxflower, etc.
There are so many choices of flowers and hence, the theme for the reception. Choose the colors according to the flowers of the season you are including in your wedding. Only then the entire room’s ambiance will get enhanced.

Top Table

Many times, family members feel offended that they weren’t selected to be seated with or near the newlyweds. So to avoid any issues on your big day, set up a sweetheart/top table where the two of you can sit in peace. Since this table is set especially for the bride and groom, make sure you face the guests and other family members, and are close enough to everyone. Decorate this table with either candles, flowers, and don’t forget to place the “Mr. and Mrs.” banners. But be sure not to clutter the table.

Table Décor
Now comes the rest of the tables in the hall. The tables also play an important role. If you would like, you can decorate the rest of the tables in the hall similar, but not identical to the sweetheart table. However, I would advice you not to do this. Keep the sweetheart table unique. Instead, you can take the similar concept but use contrasting colors. Let’s say that you have chosen tulips for decorating your reception hall. Tulips come in red, white, yellow, blue, and mauve. So you can either choose one or a combination of two colors like mauve and white, blue and white, yellow and white, or red and white. I think you got what I’m trying to say here. For table decoration, you can select a neutral color for the tablecloth like beige or off white and use either mauve, blue, yellow, or red tulips for the centerpiece.

The only thing to remember is that don’t overdo any decorations in the reception hall. With flowers and complimenting lights around the venue, you can have yourself a great party. If the reception is being conducted in a garden, then of course, the decorations will be slightly different.

I know that undertaking this huge task may seem a bit challenging or overwhelming. But trust me, take one step at a time, ask your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and family members to help you out, and this whole thing will get completed with ease.

Ways to Decorate a Mantel for Your Wedding

Weddings are an occasion of great joy and celebration. One of the best ways for portraying this joy is by decorating your house and also the place of wedding. In the house every room will be decorated with some of the choicest confetti, balloons and flowers. If you have a fireplace mantel in any room, especially in the living room, you can decorate it as well. The fireplace is the focal point of a room and decorating it will improve the look of a room. There are many ideas using which the mantel can be decorated. You can decorate your mantel for a wedding in many creative ways that will transform the fireplace mantel into a thing of beauty.

Mantel Decorating Ideas for a Wedding

In order to beautify the room you have to take care that every part of it has been covered. And if you have a fireplace in the room then make it a point to add a few decorations to it also. A bare fireplace mantel will only reflect the coldness of the room, and also appear to be unwelcoming. Decorating fireplace mantels for weddings is an excellent way to improve the focal point of a room. Here are some interesting ways to decorate a mantel for a wedding.

If you want a plain yet stunning fireplace mantel, then stick to the color white. Nothing entices the eye than the immaculate beauty of white roses and other blossoms clubbed together in a vase. You can make wreaths out of white lilies and tie white satin ribbons around them. Laces also make excellent decorating material for a fireplace mantel. Decorate the mantel with flowers that are the bride’s favorite.

You can also place candlesticks on the mantel along with the flower vases. Beautifully colored candles on the mantel, coupled with fresh blossoms, can give a sensational change to the room. Tie satin or organza bows around the candlesticks and flower vases for a more beautiful appearance. You can also use seasonal flowers with a few leaves. The frame of the fireplace can be covered with handmade organza flowers. You can also hang ornaments from the mantel.

Using organza fabric for decorating the mantel is also another innovative idea. Choose the desired color of the fabric and cut it out after measuring the mantel. Pin the fabric in the center of the fireplace and make a wave out of the corners and pin them to the mantel. Team this with flower vases, candles and a large mirror for a breathtaking backdrop for pictures to be taken in front of the mantel.

Another idea for fireplace mantel decor is to just place pure white candles with boughs and a pair of turtle doves. The flowers on the boughs should be white to coordinate with the candles and doves. The main focus should be on keeping the decoration simple yet attractive. Make sure that you don’t place too many things on the mantel to make it look crowded or cluttered. If you have a theme for the wedding, then stick to it, and decorate it accordingly. In some cases, mismatched things also make a great decor for the fireplace. You may consult your relatives or an interior designer for more ideas.

These were some ways for decorating a mantel for a wedding. Adorning the fireplace mantel for a wedding can be done in a different manner, based on the type of wedding. Unleash your creativity and come up with some authentic ways to decorate your home for a wedding or any other occasion.