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A Teenage Girl's First Sex

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An Eighteen Year Old Virgin's True Story Of Deflowerment.

This is a true story. Alison was eighteen when she first went to university and was still a virgin - a sweet, innocent girl. But at university she will take her first steps on the ladder of sexual awareness. There she will see a naked male body for the first time in her life. She will give her first hand job, her first blowjob, and finally give away her virginity as she at last experiences sex, real sex.

Join her as she takes those faltering steps to womanhood, enjoy with her the pleasures of those first sexual experiences, be there as she finally allows him to take from her the innocence of virginity.

You will be taken through every stage of her sexual awakening. Her first kiss, the first time she lets him touch her leg, her breasts, her body. The moment she sees an erect penis for the first time, and the moment she first touches it.

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Bondage Life Stories

The following extracts all come from real life stories of genuine bondage. Some are from the diaries of people who are into a bondage lifestyle, some are bondage games played by people into role-playing, and some are genuine unpleasant bondage situations that a women has found herself in, and agreed to have the details made public. Even in the cases they are acting out characters, all the bondage, torture, and sex is exactly as described. These submissive women really suffer everything that you read here.

I am going to add a new bondage extract EVERY DAY so don't forget to bookmark this page, and come back often.

They made her stand with her wrists behind her back and tied her wrists together.

The girls then asked Jenny "Do you want us to whip your breasts?" Jenny assumed that this was a test, that if she said 'no'' she would fail, and not get in the sorority, so she said "Yes, please whip my breasts". Then the girls asked her "Do you want us to use the cane, the bullwhip, or this special whip?" They showed her the 'special' whip, which looked like a horsewhip with small bumps on it, then they told her "The special whip will hurt most." Jenny assumed this was another test, so said "Please whip my breasts with the special whip."

Jenny's teeshirt was still pulled up, so both girls took turns to whip her still naked tits with the 'special' whip. They were correct, it did hurt most. However Jenny was lucky she had chosen it, if she had chosen either the bullwhip or the cane she would have been tit whipped with the weapon of her choice, then, after a short rest, been tit whipped with the 'special' whip as well. So at least she saved herself one round of whipping.......

Jenny told the author all the cruel and sadistic things that the girls did to her, and you are probably now imagining all sorts of tortures and humiliations. Believe me, these girls did worse things to Jenny that you are thinking of. You really want to read all that they did to the poor teenage college girl. Click Here and buy the book.

When it was bedtime, I was ready to tie her up for her unpleasant night. I had fixed up some rings in my bedroom to tie her to, so I ordered her into my bedroom. I told her to wait in my bedroom while I did my teeth because I wanted to make her worry about the torture (she did not know what I was going to do, but she knew she would be punished). But when I got into the bedroom I realised that she had thought the wrong thing, and thought that I was going to take her into my bed and have sex with her. I decided to make her think that more.

I told her to undress (I was going to do that anyway), then when she was naked and afraid, I also undressed to make her think it was for sex.

Then I tied her hands behind her back, while I did this I kept touching her ass. Then I made her spread her legs wide so that I could tie her feet to rings I had screwed in the floor earlier. When she spread her legs I looked at her pussy for a long time. After I had tied up her feet to the floor, I ran my hand up her leg, then I touched her pussy for a second. I now had her certain that I was going to have sex with her, and she was tied up so if she changed her mind about giving me total power, she could not escape. Then I told her I was going to have a bath, but this was not true, I closed the door and watched her through the keyhole for a long time. She was shaking, I thought it was fear, but later she said it was horror at what she thought I was going to do to her.

When I went back in the room she made a small noise like a dog who has had his tail trodden on. I had put water on myself to look like I had really been in the bath, I put my hands on her shoulder and said like a lover "Do you like me all wet ?" She closed her eyes with fear.

Then I could not think of anything else to do to make her think I was a lesbian except really have sex with her.......

This is an extract from Vykki's diary. Her full diary is available in eBook form. To read the entire true story Click Here.

From the darkness came a yell of "whip her cunt", so the woman began torturing Jane with a pussy whipping.

Eventually the man came out of the shadows, watched Jane being tortured in bondage for a while, then......

This is the start of a true story that started in the 1980s and is still going on today. To their amazement the guys got replies to their advert, and from that advert got real women slaves, women prepared to let the men chain them up, humiliate them, torture them. and use their bodies for sex in any way (and any hole) the guys wanted. Click Here and read the whole the book now.

I had protested about smoking at work, and smoking got banned in the office. The men who smoked did not like this, so they decided to punish me.

After work four of them grabbed me, and tied me up, so that I was bending over a chair with my bottom sticking up. Then they pulled down my skirt and knickers, so that my bottom was naked. Then they all lit cigarettes, and sat there looking at my bare bottom, I thought they were going to spank me, or cane me, but they had a much worse torture in mind as a punishment.......

This is an extract from one of the stories in the book "Bondage, Punishments & Suffering - The Torments Of Annie", a selection of real bondage fantasies that Annie has actually acted out, suffering every torture in the story herself, then she tells you all about what she suffered. Click Here to go to the distributor's site and to buy the book NOW.

Kalona was a simple country girl. She did not know the ways of the big city. But she did know that in the big city everyone was rich, everyone was happy, everyone was nice, and no one had to work long hours.

So she travelled to this big city.

And she found that not everyone was rich, not everyone was happy, and not everyone was nice. (Although compared to her life on the farm, people did not work long hours).

Of these things the worst discovery was that not everyone was nice.

She had little money, so when a group of men and women offered to let her sleep in their cellar for free she jumped at the chance. Although their cellar was not exactly a cellar anymore. They had kitted it out as a torture dungeon.

When they showed her the dungeon and told her that would be where she was staying she did not realise what it was, she thought it was a store room.......

This is an extract from one of the 26 stories in the book "Women Slaves At De Sade Hall". To download and read this book in it's entirety Click Here

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The Manager & Ugly Get A Woman

An out of the way hotel, an unused wine cellar, and two people with a hidden past. A recipe for suffering, bondage, torture, and the sexual abuse of an unwilling woman captive.

THE MANAGER - A Cruel And Evil Sadist!

He has a hidden past, no one knows what he used to do, or why he chose to run an out of the way hotel, but someone is about to find out what he will do in the future, and cruel bondage and extreme torture will follow!

UGLY - A pervert into forced sex in bondage!

It is not his fault, he got his nickname (Ugly) because he really is very ugly. Few women are prepared to have sex with him voluntarily. So he has to resort to forced sex - tying them up in bondage then taking their helpless bodies AGAINST THEIR WILL

MANDY - A woman on the run!

She is running away, she has covered her tracks, and no one knows where she has gone. Unfortunately she has chosen to hide in the hotel run by The Manager and Ugly, and when they find out that no one knows where she has gone, they will realise that no one will know if she 'disappears', no one will know if she ends up tied up in bondage suffering extreme torture and forced sex in their dungeon.

Bondage, Torture, And Forced Sex In A Dungeon

The wine cellar is unused, it is deep beneath the hotel, and it makes a great dungeon. In this dungeon women can be tied up in bondage. In this dungeon women can be tortured, In this dungeon women can suffer forced sex. And no one will hear them scream. The dungeon walls are thick, the sound of tortured women begging for mercy will not penetrate the dungeon walls, so help will not come, mercy will not be shown.

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Science Fiction
Here is a great sci-fi story for you to read.
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