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Mature Women Make Better Lovers

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Garry was in his twenties, had a considerable sex drive, and had the looks and charm to keep that sex drive satisfied. Only problem was, it kept costing him his job.

However he only ever went to bed with women about his own age. Then an accident, a bit of blackmail, and a desperate attempt to save himself from loosing yet another job, meant that Garry had his first sexual encounter with an older woman.

And from then on he never looked back. Garry had at last found out the most important fact of life. The fact that "Mature Women Make Better Lovers"

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Bondage Life Stories

The following extracts all come from real life stories of genuine bondage. Some are from the diaries of people who are into a bondage lifestyle, some are bondage games played by people into role-playing, and some are genuine unpleasant bondage situations that a women has found herself in, and agreed to have the details made public. Even in the cases they are acting out characters, all the bondage, torture, and sex is exactly as described. These submissive women really suffer everything that you read here.

I am going to add a new bondage extract EVERY DAY so don't forget to bookmark this page, and come back often.

I was on a protest march and the police got heavy handed. So I called them pigs and spat at them. Bad move. They arrested me and took me to the station. I was locked in an interrogation room and left for hours. Then about one in the morning two cops came in. One said "We have come to interrogate you". I replied "Fuck you pig." One of the cops slapped my face and said "We are going to teach you some manners." Then the other cop grabbed me from behind and held my hands behind my back.

When he had me secure the other cop began undoing the buttons on my blouse. "You can't do that you pig" I yelled. He just smiled and replied "It is one in the morning, only a few of us here, you have not been booked in yet, no one knows you are here. So we can do whatever we like to you." Then he ripped off my bra so that my tits were naked, and began to fondle them.

His partner said "I thought we were going to teach her a lesson first." He replied "Sure, but that does not mean we can't have some fun at the same time. But I guess you are right. We had better teach her that it does not pay to disrespect the law." Then he punched my naked tit hard. Then the other one. And he kept punching my tits........

This comes from a set of bondage stories that were banned. Fortunately you can now download all of them from the Internet. Click Here and download the book NOW.

Hall members tend to be cruel and evil, but these women were pissed off at having their very expensive evening ruined by Danni's unconsciousness (it costs members a lot to use the Hall like this). So they got meaner than usual.

First they cut her hair as short as possible, then they used a leg razor to shave her completely bald.

Then they wrote in biro on her stomach "I am a sex toy, I let anyone who wants to, use my body."

One of the women had a convertible, so they sat her in the front seat and drove into town with the top down, and Danni still naked, with the bottle still in her pussy. They drove slowly, and whenever they saw a man looking at her naked body they stopped and asked "Would you like to grope my friend's tits?" About 40% of the men said 'yes' and they let him.

When even this did not wake Danni, they got throughly fed up and dumped her on a public bench, in the street, still naked, and still with the bottle up her pussy.

The women had assumed that the police would pick her up and assume it was a hen night prank or something, so that she would suffer nothing worse that a night in the cells. But they were wrong.......

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The first day was not too bad. All the pledges were together, and I suspect that the girls did not want any of them to give up in front of the others. They wanted them all to think that they were the first to quit.

To start with the girls went through the usual humiliations. Being lined up, and a 'sergeant major' telling them that they are 'usless'. The other girls picking holes in there physical appearance, then finally a long lecture on why they were not good enough to be in the sorority. Basic stuff, done over and over in American colleges.

Then the girls were made to bend over. One by one their skirts were lifted and their knickers pulled down, so that their arses were naked. Then they were each spanked six times with a paddle. After each blow they had to say "Thank you, please may I have another." More, overdone, over used, basic initiation fodder.

Next the pledges were blindfolded and lined up. Each was made to hold out her hand. They were told that something was going to be put in their hand and they had to eat it. But instead their hands were hit with a ruler. Ha bloody ha.

While still blindfolded they were all handed something wet and slimy. They were told it was a human eyeball, stolen from the med students dissection class. They were all told to eat it. It is unlikely that any of them knew that it was just a large pealed grape (they were told this later) but none of them would have believe it was a real eyeball. I remember this being a popular game when I was a kid. For seven to ten year olds! All the girls ate their grape.

After that things got a little more interesting......

Jenny told the author all the cruel and sadistic things that the girls did to her, and you are probably now imagining all sorts of tortures and humiliations. Believe me, these girls did worse things to Jenny that you are thinking of. You really want to read all that they did to the poor teenage college girl. Click Here and buy the book.

Let me tell you about me. I am not a sadist, but you may think so when you read this. The explanation is simple to me, but difficult to explain. I love the feeling of power from having Annie as a slave, the feeling is like sex, but better. When I torture my slave it gives me great pleasure, but not because it hurts her, but because I have the power to do something awful to her, and she has no power to stop me. I also like to humiliate her and exhaust her physically for the same reason. It is not sadism, but powerism that thrills me, but I have to be sadistic to her to exert that power.....

It probably seems strange to you that I enjoyed doing this. Some of you probably think it is weird to enjoy hurting someone else, but it was not causing pain that I enjoyed, but the power I had to do this. She had told me to do what I wanted to do to her, but now that she was tied up, naked to the waist, she was helpless, even if she changed her mind she could not stop me, she was my captive, I could hurt her as much as I wanted. I wanted to hurt her a lot.....

At first I kept hitting her boobs one at a time, one after the other, but then I stood beside her and whipped them both at once. I still had the belt doubled over then, but soon realised that I could whip her better if I used the whole length of the belt to whip her boobs.

I whipped her for a long time, and when I stopped she was crying. I sat and watched her cry.

Then I tried whipping her boobs with the buckle end because I had read that this hurt more. After a few hits, I had another idea, I fixed the belt with wire, putty glue and tape so that the tongue was stuck out at a right angle. Then I whipped her boobs with this so that the tongue stabbed her boobs with every hit.

I left her tied up all evening, and when I felt like it, I kept whipping her boobs again. I left her tied up like that all night.

I went to bed happy. In the next room, tied up and with naked boobs was my very own captive. She was mine now. I could do whatever I liked to her.....

This is the start of Vykki's diary. Her full diary is available in eBook form, to read this sexually exciting story Click Here.

The first time the four 'users' met their two new 'victims' was, as is traditional (and safest) 'on neutral territory'. They chose a bar local to where Karren lived, as she lived roughly half way between the town where the men lived, and where Jane lived. They told the women their plans for the club, with which the women agreed. The men had decided to spend an hour or two after that chatting on non sexual subjects before getting to arranging the next (and first proper) meeting, i.e. the one where stuff happened. The idea was that this would convince the women that they were not perverts. (Good luck fellows, you are meeting with two women with a view to reenacting the sexual excesses of The Hellfire Club, and you want to convince them that you are 'nice, safe, normal guys'!). However neither woman was interested in this, in fact they were both hoping that the men were perverts. So instead they began to discuss their first meeting.

They had let Karen choose the bar because she was centrally located to them. She also suggested that they used her flat for their first meeting. They accepted her offer and the men were just about to discuss what they wanted to do when Jane stopped them and told them it would be better if they did not know, and the men just did it. Karen agreed.

Bryan pointed out that the men had to know the women's limits, so they knew how far they could go, and did not overstep the line. Jane replied "Just don't kill me", and Karen added "Or cripple us". When pushed the women simply said "We are supposed to be your captives, do whatever you want to us". Allan asked if they minded pain, they said "no" so Allan asked how much they could take. Karren said "If you tie me up I cannot escape, so I have no choice but to take as much as you inflict" Jane added "Bondage is good, if I'm bound and gagged you can do whatever you want to me. I cannot escape, I cannot complain. Tie me up and do whatever you like to me." Bryan was appalled and pointed out that the women had only just met them, how could they trust them that much. Karren replied "We can't, we don't. Not being able to trust you is part of the fun. I really will be helpless and in your power. That is a big part of the turn on". Jane agreed, so they left it at that.

This is the start of a true story that started in the 1980s and is still going on today. Click Here and read the whole the book now.

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The Manager & Ugly Get A Woman

An out of the way hotel, an unused wine cellar, and two people with a hidden past. A recipe for suffering, bondage, torture, and the sexual abuse of an unwilling woman captive.

THE MANAGER - A Cruel And Evil Sadist!

He has a hidden past, no one knows what he used to do, or why he chose to run an out of the way hotel, but someone is about to find out what he will do in the future, and cruel bondage and extreme torture will follow!

UGLY - A pervert into forced sex in bondage!

It is not his fault, he got his nickname (Ugly) because he really is very ugly. Few women are prepared to have sex with him voluntarily. So he has to resort to forced sex - tying them up in bondage then taking their helpless bodies AGAINST THEIR WILL

MANDY - A woman on the run!

She is running away, she has covered her tracks, and no one knows where she has gone. Unfortunately she has chosen to hide in the hotel run by The Manager and Ugly, and when they find out that no one knows where she has gone, they will realise that no one will know if she 'disappears', no one will know if she ends up tied up in bondage suffering extreme torture and forced sex in their dungeon.

Bondage, Torture, And Forced Sex In A Dungeon

The wine cellar is unused, it is deep beneath the hotel, and it makes a great dungeon. In this dungeon women can be tied up in bondage. In this dungeon women can be tortured, In this dungeon women can suffer forced sex. And no one will hear them scream. The dungeon walls are thick, the sound of tortured women begging for mercy will not penetrate the dungeon walls, so help will not come, mercy will not be shown.

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Science Fiction
Here is a great sci-fi story for you to read.
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