Wedding Reception Planning Tips for You

download-49White roses, a white gown, and words of love and promise―that’s what a wedding day is all about. It’s most treasured day in any person’s life. But nobody talks about the things that go on behind the scenes. The days, weeks, and months before the big day are full of planning every detail of the big day. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially if you are a perfectionist who wants the perfect day. Here are some tips to help you make the process less complicated.

  1. Venue: One of the first things to do is decide the venue for the reception. The venue is going to be the basis of all your plans. You can plan the theme around the venue.
  2. Date and Time: Most people would say selecting the date and time for the reception is the first thing to do. But the date is easy to settle on after the venue is taken care of, and it can be easily changed before the invitation cards are printed. If you haven’t picked a date, you can decide a season first and then take it from there.
  3. Budget:

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Reception

download-47Worried rain at your outdoor wedding will ruin the day? There is a silver lining. According to Hindus, rain on a wedding day is considered good luck.
Planning an outdoor wedding brings with it a whole bunch of what-ifs, maybes, maybe-nots, how-I-wishs, and simply-must-haves. It’s all about the loving detail that goes into planning every aspect of the event that makes it the most perfect day ever.

Before you finalize the venue, make sure you take the following points into consideration. An outdoor reception may or may not call for a tent, but it’s always a good idea to have one. Yes, we know that it’s absolutely delightful for you as a bride to have the warm summer breeze on your face and revel in the ‘love in the air’. But imagine having to spend 4 hours (minimum) in the same sunlight, plopped in a chair, doing next to nothing. Always have an indoor backup plan. That way if the weather decides to play spoilsport by raining, you can just have the guests guided to the indoor arrangements you’ve made.

A very commonly overlooked aspect of an

Best Tips For Your Wedding Hairstyle

download-48Nothing can fail in such a special day … And unless your hair! But be all very clear and well organized to avoid any error. We offer you the 10 essential keys to your hairstyle is not a problem the day of your wedding.

1. Choose a trusted hairdresser. Some brides choose to do so very daring themselves, or resort to a friend a little business, to the subject of hair. If you prefer to be brushed and combed at most a couple of months before the wedding, pick a hairdressing salon or trust. It is essential that you do ahead of time if you do not like your choices and you have to look elsewhere.

2. Talk to the hairdresser. Teach a good picture of your Wedding Dressand, between them, choose different styling options. Not only must take into account the costume, but your personal taste and your own features. Maintain good communication with him to make it perfectly clear what you want, plus you should stop by the professional advice.

3. Put a date for the test. It

Finding Wedding Cake Frosting Guide

After the bridal gown we have the wedding cake, which is probably one of the most integral components of the wedding planning phase. It might take days or weeks for the bride to choose the colour and design of her wedding cake. In addition to this, it may take her even longer for her to decide on the frosting to be used for the cake.

This is the main reason why it’s recommended that you seek a reputable baker as he/she will be able to make the right suggestion as to the best frosting for you to choose for your specific cake design. You might have a little experience with cakes, but only those who are fully experienced in decorating cakes will be able to tell you the cons and pros of the numerous frostings. Here are just some of the many different cake frostings that are used today.

Butter Cream

Butter cream is an ingredient that is very versatile because it’s suitable for both frosting and filling. Most bakers opt for this frosting because it’s very easy for them to colour it depending primarily on the motif

Finding Some Ideal Wedding Gifts

If you are invited to a wedding and do not know what to buy as a wedding gift yet, then you may experience serious difficulties. Especially the couple celebrating their anniversary, so there is a chance she does all the things necessary to have a family and you’re stuck a little when it comes to gifts with birthday gifts to do.

There are ways out of such matters. If you want to maybe go for something safe, then choose a wedding gift basket or a gift basket for a wedding or anniversary that would do differently that would bring the other guests. Please do not buy anything that is impermanent now disabled as fresh fruit.

Birthdays are remembered for the couple of day is important. Thus, the ideal birthday gifts should be cut out of paper. But these days, the concept is kind of outdated, so you can use any type of gift as the first clock Birthday present.

Similarly, the fourth anniversary celebrated usually with fruit and flowers. But if you opt for such a birthday, the couple can use for their life, then plan to gift them

Ways to Make a Wedding Guest List

Every little girl wants her perfect wedding with all her loved ones smiling at her as she walks down the aisle. But the bitter truth is that every face is going to not only cost her a lot of money, but it’s also going to determine whether her day goes as she wanted it or not. So, the best idea is to make a guest list well in advance, so that people who absolutely must be there make sure that they’re available and you can easily overlook some unimportant ones. This Buzzle article will give you some very easy tips to draft a reasonable guest list for your dream wedding!

Picture the Wedding
The first step towards the perfect guest list is to think for the final time, what kind of wedding you want. Sure as a little girl you may have wanted the entire world to be present on your special day. But by now, you’ve surely figured out how many people you actually want, for whatever reasons. Is it a small and intimate family affair you want or do you want even far off relatives to be invited? When you have a clear picture of

Finding Cheap Wedding Invitation Ideas for You

Planning a wedding on a budget might seem challenging what with the cost of wedding trousseau, decorations and venue. But with a bit of careful planning and thinking out of the box, you can have a beautiful wedding on a budget. A wedding invitation is the first thing that the guests notice, when they are notified about the upcoming nuptials. Just because you are on a budget does not mean that you need to compromise on the design and quality of your wedding invitations. Even on a budget, you can have elegant and unique wedding invitations. There are many ways in which you can bring down the cost of printing wedding invitations. From hiring artistic friends to do the calligraphy on the invites to downloading designs for invitation from the internet, there are many options that you can consider.

Affordable Wedding Invitation Ideas

Purchase Online
One of the best ways to save on wedding invitation is to search online for some great deals. There are many online wedding stationery sites that has a huge collection of beautiful invitations to choose from. They are usually cheaper than traditional wedding invitation cards and you can avail huge discounts when you order

Ways to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations whether handmade or ready-made should be warm, simple, and welcoming. Making your own invitation costs less, look great, and most of all, they are completely original! Here are all the things you need to consider while making you own wedding invitations. First of all you need to have a clear picture of how you want them to be- simple cards, accessorized cards, or out-of-the-box invitations.

Well the wedding card layout includes the entire design of the card. Remember that you need to have a very specific vision before you get started on making the cards. You want to be sure about the color, the shape, the envelopes, and most importantly the content of the card. Make sure you sit and finalize every single element of the card in order to avoid any arguments after the cards are ready. Remember that only when you have finalized all the details of the cards, including the number of the cards and the guest list, can you start the process of making them.

Choosing the Right Paper
If you want to make simple cards, you need to get started with the colors and the paper texture that you

Tips on Getting a Creative Wedding Gift

A very memorable day, any wedding will probably be remembered for many years. Guests who gather to share in their happy occasion are often friends or family members who haven’t been able to visit or spend time together in a few years. Gifts for the special couple is customarily necessary for any person present at the happy event. They may have registered somewhere for the things they will likely need to start their new life together or they may have asked for money rather than presents. A way to make a lasting effect with the couple is to be able to creatively make a gift that is not only special but memorable.

Some may think of creative wedding gifts as something homemade or personalized specifically for the couple, but that isn’t always true. Although many of us are not crafty or creative enough to make something special, gifting a one of a kind gift is easy if approached correctly. Remember to take into account, those who ultimately go the homemade course typically plan for months in advance. Certain likes and dislikes are usually a consideration when choosing the suitable gift for

Gazebo Wedding Decoration Ideas for You

These days, weddings are being planned with a touch of difference. Although many would love it the traditional way, there are couples that would love to try something different for this very important occasion of their lives! Planning a wedding can be a fun affair if you let your creativity run loose. Wedding themes are getting even more dynamic than before, with many young couples opting for experimentation in terms of decoration and themes.

A wedding under the bright blue skies is very much in demand, and gazebos are ideal for such weddings. They can be made to look particularly beautiful during the nighttime. Beautiful wedding centerpieces and wedding flowers can be used creatively to achieve the desired effect. Apart from these, there are many other ideas you can incorporate for wedding decorations for the structure or even the garden area.

First, you need to plan the theme for your wedding. Beach weddings are particularly in vogue when it comes to outdoor weddings. In case of beach weddings, you can opt for seashells and use colors of the sea (shades of bluish green and warm browns) as a part of the decoration. Choose decorative materials that will withstand the outdoor

Finding Wedding Gift Ideas For The Couple

Wedding are merry moments in everyone’s life. Just a little invite to attend a wedding itself brings a lot of pleasure as it is extremely joyous to see two people walking down the aisle to make a promise of life-long commitment of compassion and togetherness. Wedding invites bring in another thought to everyone’s mind i.e. picking out an appropriate gift for the couple. Conceptualizing the right wedding gift ideas is both challenging and interesting. If you are ready with some ideas, you have probably done a great job. However, if you are still wondering over the suitable ideas, we have listed below a few inputs for you to consider before making up your mind:

1.You can’t materialize wedding gift ideas unless you know how much you can spend on it. Estimate your budget and plan accordingly.

2.Make sure the present you choose easily fits into their everyday life.
3.Giving cash as a present also makes a lot sense as it’ll help the couple them manage exhausting wedding expenses.

4.If your budget allows and if the couple is yet to schedule their honeymoon, you can gift them honeymoon travel vouchers, which

Ways to Choose Wedding Gift And Anniversary Gifts

Gifts are always appreciated. The gifts are those special memorable items that you give because you want make someone feel special and it is incomplete without good gift. What type of gift would you present someone who appears to have all? It seems when we are at a trouncing for ideas we buy the similar kinds of gifts, like the vibrant flamboyant tie, or the uncomfortable wool sweater that in no way gets worn. These are satisfactory gifts to purchase, but these gifts can be purchased by them anytime they want. It has become a tradition to gift someone special or dear one on extraordinary occasions like Birthdays, weddings &, anniversary.

This is for sure that you desire to present the special person in your life a one of a class truly exclusive gift that appears as if it were made particularly for him or her? The wedding gift should be like the one that receiver cherishes forever and ever, and then generally hands them down to family members. Garments, footwear, and novelties are entertaining gifts but they usually conclude up at the frugality store because there is no denotation to them. Birthday gifts

Ways to Make Wedding Bows

Wedding is a time when you want everything to be perfect and well-organized. You take a lot of time for wedding planning and organize everything personally. This is also the time when you can save money on certain things and spend lavishly on some. You can save money by making your own wedding bows.

How to Make Wedding Bows Yourself
When making wedding bows, choose colors and patterns that match your wedding theme and colors. To make wedding bows, you will need the following material.

  • 9″ wide organza roll
  • Thin floral wire paddle
  • Scissors
  • Pew Clips

Instructions To Make Wedding Bows for the Pew

  • Take organza ribbon of about three and a half inches long for making pew bows. This length will determine the size of your wedding bow. Take smaller or larger length of ribbon depending on the size you want.
  • Make a large loop in the center of the ribbon. Take the middle of the other side of the organza ribbon and loop it around the first loop. Insert the organza through the loop just created. Use your fingers to make the first loop to pull it through the loop.
  • Using your fingers adjust the size and shape of

Finding Cool Wedding Gift Collections Online

Gifts are the most sentimental part of every event, although it has become so fashionable today. Gift is not just about giving a product or item to someone celebrating an event, but it is very much associated with the personal emotions of the receiver and prestigious and caring signs of the giver. Attending a party or event without giving a gift is very much a shy note for all guests and whether big or small, valuable or simple, the custom of giving a gift is very renowned.

If you just have the real mood of gifting someone, common, there are so many collections available for you to pick from. There are several exclusive websites that offers you so many choices to gaze at and pick from. You can carry your love, support and concern for your special ones through the best gift you give their way. Gifts are the main part of joy in any wedding event and there will be a big group of people waiting with the couple to open the gifts and get excited, one after the other. The choice of gift is not just about how much you

Ways to Decorate a Hall for a Wedding

You must have been planning for this day for months now and finally, that day is not far away. However, before you can even think of setting foot in the reception hall, there are tons of things you need to manage. Here are a few suggestions on decorating a reception hall in style.

Selecting the Venue

First and foremost, have you finalized the venue for your wedding reception? This can be determined by the number of guests attending the party. When you have the final head count, you can select the hall as per its capacity. Make sure that you don’t take a huge hall for few people. For example, if there are 200 people attending, then don’t reserve a hall that has the capacity of 500. This will only mean that you have more area to decorate which quite frankly, is going to waste.

The Entrance of the Hall

For decorating the venue, let’s begin with the entrance. You can decorate the entrance with flowers and lace, place statues, have ice sculptures, etc.; your budget will help you decide how lavish or frugal you wish to be. At the entrance, you will need to keep a table where the

Ways to Decorate a Mantel for Your Wedding

Weddings are an occasion of great joy and celebration. One of the best ways for portraying this joy is by decorating your house and also the place of wedding. In the house every room will be decorated with some of the choicest confetti, balloons and flowers. If you have a fireplace mantel in any room, especially in the living room, you can decorate it as well. The fireplace is the focal point of a room and decorating it will improve the look of a room. There are many ideas using which the mantel can be decorated. You can decorate your mantel for a wedding in many creative ways that will transform the fireplace mantel into a thing of beauty.

Mantel Decorating Ideas for a Wedding

In order to beautify the room you have to take care that every part of it has been covered. And if you have a fireplace in the room then make it a point to add a few decorations to it also. A bare fireplace mantel will only reflect the coldness of the room, and also appear to be unwelcoming. Decorating fireplace mantels for weddings is an excellent way to improve the focal point of a

Bridal make up tips

Every girl wishes to look at her best on her marriage day. Be it in a Hindu, Christian, Muslim religious sect or be it in any of Indian and Tamil speaking communities. The bridal make up is one of the integral sessions that a bride has to undergo before holding the hands of the groom. A few simple beauty tips will help you sport a ravishing look on the special day like using the right combination of makeup & hairstyle that complement your skin tone, skin type and hair type. Take a look at the following do’s and don’ts to enhance your appearance on “the day” of your life. In the age of online matrimony where there are umpteen websites and online marriage portals which offer both free and paid marriage assembly service that make bride and groom search as simplest as it can get. It is also easy and sure to follow the best and simplest tips to look great on the marriage day.



Bronzing powder as it warms up and prepares skin for applying makeup. But make sure the skin is free from perspiration.

Ways to Decorate a Church

❤ While planning a church wedding, you need to consider designs for the aisle, the pews, and the altar.

❤ Before you begin planning the decorations, talk to the church administrator and get to know what is allowed and what is not.

❤ Some churches don’t permit the use of candles, while some don’t allow you to toss real flower petals (as this might wet and damage the carpet of floor and is also a slipping hazard).
❤ Also, keep in mind the number of seniors and children that will be attending the wedding. Accordingly you can plan out what kind of decorating material you can use. For instance, candles can be dangerous if there are a lot of children. Flowers with too strong a fragrance can pose problems for seniors.

❤ Before using candles as a decoration in the church, make sure there are fire extinguishers and other fire-safety equipment at hand.
The aisle and pews

❤ a ❤ Go for something simple. Bunch up a couple of contrasting flowers with leaves and hang them from the pews.

❤ b ❤ Try something elaborate. Have stands flanking the aisle with flower bouquets atop them and ribbons flowing to the ground.

❤ c ❤

Ways to Prepare The Best Wedding Gift

Buying an item as per your need is easier than buying an item as per the desire of another person. This is the reason; when you want to catalog a group of products that can be considered as the best items to present, suitable to use by others, then you must have to keep in view the demand of others, not yours. This is the reason; thinking with empathy and by keeping in view the aspiration of your beloved person is a must in this course. If you become able to do in this way, then it will be the finest opportunity for you to make your dream come true. In recent times, the development of different useful products has made people able to prepare the catalogue a long one as they are becoming able to include a great array of useful products in that list. Nowadays, you can get such a catalogue in the store, where present of different types are available, but, preparing such a catalogue by yourself is a unique idea that will help you getting tremendous support to build an attractive one.

As you know the need and

Finding Bohemian Wedding Dresses for You

In the early twentieth century, when the bohemian style came into fashion, it freed the hip women and ‘it’ girls from the shackles of corset and petticoats. Unsurprisingly, such a way of dressing was the result of unabashed thinking and unconventional, artistic lifestyles. Though originally ‘bohemian’ was accredited to the authentic gypsies who traveled from Central Asia, the literary world lapped up the unorthodoxy of their lifestyles and art. Thus, ‘bohemian’ was here to stay, and became the most recurring fashion of recent times. So, if your wedding date is approaching and you haven’t found the perfect wedding dress, then probably throwing a glance at some beautiful affordable dresses isn’t a bad idea at all.

Types of Bohemian Wedding Gowns
All those boho-chic blushing brides should know a few things about bohemian style before they go out to shop for their flattering bridal gown. Etherealness is the key to bohemian dressing. Bohemian wedding gowns have usually long, flowing and fluttering fabrics with right accentuation at the assets of one’s body. A daring, avant-garde dress and perfect earthy accessories to go with the dress is the most sought after look among ladies who are about to walk down