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Mature Women Make Better Lovers

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Garry was in his twenties, had a considerable sex drive, and had the looks and charm to keep that sex drive satisfied. Only problem was, it kept costing him his job.

However he only ever went to bed with women about his own age. Then an accident, a bit of blackmail, and a desperate attempt to save himself from loosing yet another job, meant that Garry had his first sexual encounter with an older woman.

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Bondage Life Stories

The following extracts all come from real life stories of genuine bondage. Some are from the diaries of people who are into a bondage lifestyle, some are bondage games played by people into role-playing, and some are genuine unpleasant bondage situations that a women has found herself in, and agreed to have the details made public. Even in the cases they are acting out characters, all the bondage, torture, and sex is exactly as described. These submissive women really suffer everything that you read here.

I am going to add a new bondage extract EVERY DAY so don't forget to bookmark this page, and come back often.

Linda and Fran were lovers. But they were both sadists. So they joined the club to satisfy their sadistic urges together. They enjoyed fucking other women, they enjoyed forcing other women to fuck them, and they enjoyed torturing other women. But one thing they wanted but had never had, was to fuck a straight woman. A woman who had never had lesbian sex. And preferably a woman who did not want lesbian sex. So they were delighted when the Countess spoke to them.

They wanted Tracy in shorts because they liked her legs. They had admired her from afar when she had been at the Hall with men, but they had especially liked her legs.

Tracy arrived at the hall and went into the bar to wait, like she had been told. She had no idea who was going to take her prisoner that night, nor did she know what they was going to do to her. All she knew was that it would be "something really horrible".......

This is from the book "Lesbian Bondage Slaves". The full book is available in eBook form, to download this set of lesbian bondage stories Click Here.

The woman punched Karren in the stomach, hard. Then she punched her in the face. Then she punched her in the pussy.

She found a loose piece of scaffolding pole, and forced the end up Karren's pussy.

Then she took the strap of her friend's camera case and used it to whip Karren's naked tummy.

This was a friend of Karren's, someone she went out drinking with, someone she went to parties, someone who came over her flat and just talked. In short, someone who Karren considered a good friend. But with a few drinks inside her, this 'good friend' was getting great pleasure from torturing Karren. ......

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I am a nineteen year old girl, I was jogging home from college when three men grabbed me and took me captive. I was chained up in chains and thrown in the back of their van in bondage. They drove to a deserted piece of land, dragged me out of the van, still in chains. The piece of land was in the middle of nowhere, no one would rescue me, and chained up in bondage I could not escape.

I was forced to ........

This comes from a set of bondage stories that were banned. Fortunately you can now download all of them from the Internet. Click Here and download the book NOW.

Not only was the original group joined by the housemates of the student whose home they were using, but they also phoned a few friends. So in the end their were about twenty five to thirty 18 to 22 year old students waiting eagerly to 'use' Danni's body.

However they were nervous, and still not sure of themselves. One of them asked "How do we do this?" Danni replied "If you don't know by now, I'm sure one of your friends will lend you a porno video to help you learn what 'sex' is." The student blushed and said "I mean do we take you up to a bedroom, or do we have to do it down here where it is safe?" Danni replied by asking "Has anyone got a blow up sex doll?" No one admitted to it so she went on "If you had one would you ask it what it wanted you to do to it?" She then pointed to where it said "I am a sex toy" her tummy and continued "I think whoever wrote this meant me to be used like a doll."

They discussed it among themselves. In the end they decided to make her bend over a chair, so one could fuck her doggy style while she gave another a blowjob. Most of them wanted both to fuck her and a blowjob, but although there were lots of them, none of them lasted long before cuming, and it only too just over two hours for them all to be satisfied........

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One of the girls produced a school cane and began caning Jenny's arse. This hurt even more, particularly as her arse had not had time to recover from the spanking. Again the girl used the cane until her arm ached.

When she stopped caning Jenny and passed the cane to her friend Jenny said "Please don't" through her sobs. The girl asked her if she wanted her to quit the initiation. When Jenny replied "no" the girl said "Caning is part of the initiation, if we stop caning you, we end the initiation. It is your choice, do you want to quit the initiation?"

Jenny thought that quitting the initiation meant she could not get into the sorority, so she told them not to stop. But they did not let her off that lightly. Before they continued to cane her they made her say "Please continue caning me, I love the pain and I love being beaten in bondage.".......

Jenny told the author all the cruel and sadistic things that the girls did to her, and you are probably now imagining all sorts of tortures and humiliations. Believe me, these girls did worse things to Jenny that you are thinking of. You really want to read all that they did to the poor teenage college girl. Click Here and buy the book.

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Two Teenage Girls, The Captives Of Cruel Biker Gangs
It was all their friend's fault, she wanted revenge on the girls because her boyfriend fancied them. So she led the bikers to the poor teenagers, she even told the biker gangs a good place to hold the girls captive, where they could do whatever they liked to the girls.

Teenage Girls Fucked And Tortured

The biker gangs want these two teenage girls to fuck, and the girls have no choice in the matter. They also enjoy torturing teenage girls, and these teenagers will suffer in their hands. There will be pain, lots of pain.
Teenage Girls Abducted By Bikers
They are abducted in a back alley, kidnapped by a biker gang. The bikers drag their teenage captives to a deserted house and tie them up. Then the teenage prisoners are tortured and fucked by the sadistic biker gangs members. They love to see teenage girls in bondage suffer pain and torture, it makes them horny. Then they gang bang these two teenage girls, force them to take cock in every hole to satisfy the bikers sadistic lust.

Please Note: that this book is by Troy Black, who tends to go in for extreme sadism in his books. This book is only for people who want to watch girls really suffer the most agonising torture, not just light bondage.

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Science Fiction
Here is a great sci-fi story for you to read.
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